Top Trumps Spiders
Top Trumps Spiders

Top Trumps Spiders

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Top Trumps
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Scuttle and scurry into the seriously surprising world of Spiders Top Trumps! Become closely acquainted with the giant huntsman, the spider with a legspan of 30 centimetres.
Find out if the Black Widow or the Wheel Spider has the worst fright factor, or if the King Baboon Spider or the Wolf Spider is the most cunning!

Top Trumps is a fun and educational card game where opponents compete to have the best card at the top of their pile. Read out the statistic on your card which you think will beat everyone else, and if it does you win their cards! If someone else has a higher scoring card then they grab the cards.

The winner is the player who has all the cards in their hand at the end of the game.

For 2 or more players, Top Trumps is easy to learn to play and takes anything from 10 to 20 minutes to finish. You can even combine different sets of Top Trumps to make an even wilder game!

Reading of words and numbers involved, so it's great for encouraging literacy development. For ages 6 years and upwards.