Old Maid

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Old Maid is a card game classic. The aim is to collect as many pairs as possible and avoid being left with the 'Old Maid' card at the end. This beautifully illustrated deck of Old Maid cards features fun characters in their occupation attire such as Pitchfork Pearl the farmer, Firefighter Finn and Inspector Eyeball.

For 2 to 6 players, the pack of cards is split between the players. Everyone checks their hand to see how many matching pairs they have, and places them down in front of them. Now take it in turns to turn to the player on your left and show them (face down) your hand of cards. That player takes one card and checks their cards to see if they have a match, if yes place it down, if not play continues. Carry on like this until every card has been been paired off - except for the lone Old Maid! Whoever holds her is the Old Maid and loses the game!

The cards are oversized and measure 8.25cm by 11.43cm - great for little hands. The box is good and sturdy and opens like a drawer.

An altogether lovely set of cards filled with fabulous illustrations of quirky characters, Old Maid is fun to play and quick to learn. Ideal as a card game for ages 5 years and upwards.