Happy Families

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This classic card game isa family favourite. The aim of the game is to collect as many 4-card families as you can throughout the game. The entire pack is shared between the player (you'll need 3 or more). Keep your cards hidden as you work out which families you have started already in your hand. Take it in turns to ask another player of your choice whether they have a card that you need. If that player has it, they must give it to you - and you are on your way to completing a family!

Sometimes you'll be out of luck and the player won't have that card, so ask someone else next go! Eventually someone will have made their cards into complete families first, and they are the winner.

The game takes a little strategy and forward planning, so we think it is ideal for ages 5 years and upwards. The families in this pack are made up of job types - the toy shop family, the fire fighter family, the zoo keeper family and many more!

Pack measures 5.8cm by 8.8cm and comes with instructions. Ideal as a travel game.