Donkey Card Game
Donkey Card Game

Donkey Card Game

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This classic card game is a family favourite from years gone by that is still super fun to play! The sneaky moves and fast pace fun always leads to giggles as the players try not to be labeled 'Donkey'!Split the pack of farmyard-themed cards between the players - you will need 3 or more players - making sure that there is onlt one donkey card in play. Each player looks at all their cards and keeps them hidden from their competitors. If you have any pairs of animals or objects, place them in the centre of the table before play begins. Then in turn, each player turns to the player on their right and randomly takes a card from the selection in their hand (no peeking, the cards will be back facing so you can't see them!). If they can make a pair with something already in their hand they place it down.Carry on going around the table until the first player goes out, having placed all their cards down in pairs - they are saved! Continue on until the last player to empty their hand is left with the Donkey card - they are declared 'Donkey'!A simple game which teaches turn-taking, social skills and a sense of competition. The pack contains 18 pairs of cards measuring 5.8cm by 8.8cm which come in a cardboard box.You can also play a simple game of smap or pairs with this pack as there are two of every card, including the donkey.Great for ages 4 years and upwards.