Amazing Animal Fact Cards, Set 2
Amazing Animal Fact Cards, Set 2
Amazing Animal Fact Cards, Set 2

Amazing Animal Fact Cards, Set 2

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Button & Squirt
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This fabulous set of fact cards will educate kids about the amazing animals we share the planet with, and aims to inspire them to love and protect them. This is the second set of Amazing Animal Fact Cards from Button & Squirt.

Each card features an animal illustrated in detail, along with its common name and scientific name, where it lives, what it eats, its conservation status, and three fun facts. The background colour of each card represents where in the world the animals lives. This pack features animals including the Portuguese Man of War, White Rhino, Malayan Tapir, Unicorn Fish and Amazon River Dolphin as well as 30 other amazing and unusual animals! Read and learn, discover and then play! Can you test your friends and family to see who knows more? Score a point for each fact that you know, with a bonus five points for remembering their scientifc names.

The cards measure 7.8cm by 10.8cm and come in a storage box of 36 cards - 35 animal cards and 1 key card. They are illustrated, designed and printed in the UK using sustainable card which is coated with a water based finish so that they are recyclable. CE and UKCA tested.

Recommended for ages 3 years and upwards.