Clifftoppers: The Thorn Island Adventure by Fleur Hitchcock

Clifftoppers: The Thorn Island Adventure by Fleur Hitchcock
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For Aiden, Chloe, Ava and Josh, holidays at their grandparents’ cottage mean wild beaches, no curfew, Bella the dog, and most of all – adventure! While sailing their Grandad’s boat along the coast with her cousins, Chloe sees a terrified face at a tower window on Thorn Island.

Could the face belong to recently kidnapped young George, the only child of a rich local businessman? No one they tell believes there could be a child held prisoner in the tower. So, certain that the villains are hiding out nearby, the cousins must use all their skills and cunning to conduct a daring rescue.

Fleur Hitchcock is famous for her excellent “thrillers for beginners”. This action-packed series takes readers aged 7 years and upwards on fantastic, realistic adventures.

Paperback book.

Price:  £6.99

Brand:  Nosy Crow
Learning Value:  Literacy
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  7+


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In stock, immediate despatch