Make a Bug Hotel
Make a Bug Hotel
Make a Bug Hotel

Make a Bug Hotel

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Welcome creatures into your outside space with this Make A Bug Hotel kit. The hotel itself is easy to make - no tools or glue required!

Slot together the pre-cut wooden pieces by following the step-by-step instructions, then decorate as you wish with the stickers supplied. You can even make colourful bunting and little signs to welcome the bugs inside.

Add some natural bits and pieces like pine cones, sticks, leaves and other foraged items to give the bugs more spaces to tuck themselves away in.

Pop the Hotel in a spot outside and keep checking it - hopefully you'll soon see evidence of guests moving in! The instruction sheet included will give you a guide as to where to place the Hotel and what to look out for.

Recommended for all ages - younger children will require help, but older children (8 years plus) can put it together themselves.