Wooden Lacing Tiles
Wooden Lacing Tiles

Wooden Lacing Tiles

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Lace the wooden lacing tiles together to create a beautiful wooden patchwork quilt! Lacing games are a fantastic way to develop children's fine motor skills, creativity and dexterity as they feed the laces through the holes in the wooden patches.

The tiles in the set are filled with an array of vibrant colours and patterns to stimulate mini minds and keep them engaged. It comes with 16 wooden patches and 6 brightly coloured laces in blue, black, green, red, yellow and brown.

Each tile is a threading and lacing activity in itself, but they can also be laced together in one large 'patchwork'.

Suitable for ages 3 years and upwards. Sturdy and will withstand years of play! Comes boxed for easy storage and gift wrapping.