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A favourite across generations of children, Pin-a-Shape boards are great for developing fine motor skills and creativity.

The brightly coloured wooden shapes can be pinned to the board by hammering the shiny pins into their holes onto the cork base board. Children love using the hammer and the real pins which gives them a sense of building and copying what adults do.

The set comes with over 220 wooden pieces - circles, squares, triangles, moons, half-circles and more. Pin them onto the board to creat patterns and scenes, then remove them and create all over again!

Also in the kit is a wooden hammer and a bag of pins as well as a corkboard which measures approximately 15cm by 20cm.

Best for youngsters who are sensible and will understand that the pins are sharp and must only be hammered into the board. Recommended for ages 3 years and upwards. This activity kit definitely requires adult supervision and should be kept stored safely in between play sessions to prevent the pins getting into the wrong hands!