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A favourite across generations! Pin-a-Shape boards are brightly coloured wooden shapes which can be pinned to a board to create an endless array of different pictures and scenes.

Tap the shapes into the board using the little wooden hammer and shiny pins which fit neatly in a hole in the shape.

These sets include 100 different coloured shapes to put together and create pictures and patterns. Create your scene, then remove and do it again and again.

Ideal for children to play on their own or as a group this is an educational and creative activity which children love. They especially love tapping away the pins with the little hammer.

Helps to develop dexterity and concentration, hand-eye coordination and creativity.

For ages 3 years and above. BEWARE the pins are sharp, so this set is best used under supervision and by children who have good dexterity.

Price:  £10.00

Brand:  Big Jigs
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  4+


1 in stock, immediate despatch  

1 in stock, immediate despatch