Waboba Flyer

Waboba Flyer
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Waboba FlyerWaboba FlyerWaboba FlyerWaboba Flyer

The Waboba Flyer is a cross between hacky sack and a badminton shuttlecock - hit it with your hands, knees, or feet. Itís great for improving hand-eye and eye-foot coordination.

How long can you keep it off the ground? Great for single player, 2 or more and ideal for sport training, especially volleyball and football. Can be used indoors or outside.

The Flyer looks like a badminton shuttlecock. It has a tactile, rubber base in bright blue and orange which is weighted do that the Flyer always lands on the base. Attached are 4 strong, brightly coloured blue and orange feathers to help it fly. The Flyer measures approximately 18cm tall.

Ideal for ages 8 years to teenage.

Price:  £7.00

Brand:  Waboba
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  8+


In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch