Waboba Backnine Game

Waboba Backnine Game
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Waboba Backnine GameWaboba Backnine GameWaboba Backnine Game
Waboba Backnine GameWaboba Backnine Game

Backnine is an outdoor game which is like a combination of disc golf and bocca. It features a flying target ring and 4 silicone Wingman discs. Players throw their disc at the ring and try to get it as close as possible or inside. When every player has had a go, throw the target ring at the next destination to go again - so it's a nomadic game which you can play in as large or small an area as you like!

The Wingman discs can fly up to 40 metres! Super tactile, then can fold in your pocket and won't hurt your hand as you catch, and they are reliable at flying in a fairly straight line.

The Backnine game set includes a sturdy carry bag, a flying target ring and 4 silicone Waboba Wingman Discs as well as a scorecard.

You can make up your own rules or follow the guide in the set. Or play with the discs as you would traditional a throwing disc.

Suitable for the park, beach, any large open spaces and any surface. Great fun for ages 6 years to adult, this makes an ideal gift for anyone who loves outside play and has a competitive spirit!

Price:  £20.00

Brand:  Waboba
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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