Double Juggle

Double Juggle
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Double JuggleDouble JuggleDouble Juggle

The Double Juggle is a fun and active bouncing challenge for one or two players! Double Juggle features 2 hand-held trampolines and a high bounce juggle ball. Single players can develop their skills to see how many times they can juggle the ball on one or both of trampolines, create tricks and impress! Or two players can play a bat and ball game back and forth, or add in tricks to up the stakes!

Great fun and a little different to your average bat and ball game. Can be played indoors or outdoors and is pretty addictive!

Set comes with two hand-held trampolines which can connect together for single play, plus a bouncy juggle ball which has super tactile rubber 'hairs' all over it.

For ages 6 years and teenage, adults will love it too!

Price:  £14.00

Brand:  Yulu
Learning Value:  Gross Motor Skills
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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In stock, immediate despatch