Doggy Doggy Woof Woof Game
Doggy Doggy Woof Woof Game
Doggy Doggy Woof Woof Game

Doggy Doggy Woof Woof Game

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Doggy Doggy Woof Woof! is a lively doggy-themed matching and memory game with double-sided boards and two fun ways to play.

There are two ways to play so that younger children can get started and grow into the more challenging version as they develop. In the simpler game, players try to complete three dogs on their kennel board by matching dog heads to bodies, shouting “Doggy Doggy Woof Woof” after each successful match. Keep your eyes peeled for the waggy tail card - when you find it, it's time to stand up, wag your tail, and shout “Waggy Waggy Woof Woof” and play passes to the next player!

For game two, turn over the kennel board and try to collect as many complete, matching dogs as possible by taking it in turns to pick a card from the pile of dog heads and bodies. Try to match with any of your face up cards on the table! With 13 different adorable pups to complete, this game will have children barking with excitement!

A super game for ages 2 to 6 year olds to play with grown ups - fun for everyone! The wipe-clean card pieces are durable and will last for years of play. Instructions are included in the box which is a also good and sturdy for storage.