Hama Bead Pixel Faces Activity Kit
Hama Bead Pixel Faces Activity Kit

Hama Bead Pixel Faces Activity Kit

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This Hama kit is a great starter set for newcomers to this wonderful crafting activity. Children can develop their creativity by producing colourful bead designs on the plastic pegboards. To make the design permanent, the beads can be ironed using the special ironing paper, so that they fuse together. Make decorations and coasters, key charms and toys for your dolls.The kit includes a large square peg board, 2000 colourful beads in various colours, a colour printed design sheet to give you ideas, instructions and ironing paper. The design sheet in this kit guides crafters to make faces which can be slotted together with each other to make 3D stacks - like totem poles. The stands are easily made with the beads and a guide is given.The peg board can be used again and again, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Hama beading is a popular activity for 5 to 10 year olds. Adult required to carry out the ironing!

Jollys says "Hama has been popular for many years and still loved by creative youngsters and adults. A good tip for ironing is that you can use greaseproof paper from you kitchen, and set the iron to a medium heat and repeat the ironing process gradually and slowly so as not to melt the beads to mush!"