Wooden Backgammon Set
Wooden Backgammon Set

Wooden Backgammon Set

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A lovely wooden backgammon set. This traditional strategy board game is for two players aged 6 years to adult. Each player has 15 checkers (or chips as they are also known as) which move around the backgammon board based on the rolls of two dice.How to play: the board has 24 narrow triangles - 12 triangles at the top of the board and 12 triangles at the bottom. Each triangle is called a point and its main function is to be a space where a player moves their checker (based on the roll of the dice). Each player must move all their checkers (via the luck of the dice roll and tactics) to their home quadrants and off the board altogether. The first player to move their checker off the board, wins!The set comes with full game instructions. Board is made with good quality, sustainably sourced wood and measures approximately 27cm square. Playing pieces and pair of dice are wooden.