Stinky Pig Game
Stinky Pig Game

Stinky Pig Game

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Poke Stinky Pig’s belly to hear him sing, and then roll the die to see which way to pass him! This is a hilarious game for all the family - ideal for get-togethers while sitting around the table or groups of children and adults at a party. You can't fail to giggle and smile while playing this simple game.

Pass Stinky Pig left, pass him right, roll the die again and switch direction agin and again, but hurry! If he makes his funny tooting sound while you are holding Stinky Pig you must take a token. Keep going until there are no more tokens left - the player with the fewest tokens is the winner!

It's a little like handling a hot potato - move it on quickly - you don't want Stinky Pig tooting in your hands! The sounds are funny and the timing is random, so you never know when the pig will toot!

For 2 or more players, best with a large group. Contents: Stinky Pig, 20 tokens, die, game rules, and 2 AA batteries (replaceable when required!).