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Find the match and grab it fast! Prove that you have the best eyes and fastest hands at the table to succeed at Grabolo! A roll of the dice determines the combination of colour and shape playing pieces that you have to grab, so react quickly.

Once youíve grabbed a piece, put it behind your back and donít look at it. If you roll the dice and the piece isnít there and someone has grabbed it before, be the first one to shout out who has it to either keep it (if you already have it) or steal the piece from another player!

Fast-paced, active and a lot of fun! The game comes with a jar of super tactile rubbery playing pieces and instructions. Ideal for ages 6 years and upwards, for 2 or more players. Game play takes around 10 minutes.

Jollys says "Ideal as a way of getting friends and family together playing a simple game which gets people laughing and competing. Handy for travel thanks to the compact reuable plastic storage jar.

Price:  £14.00

Brand:  Ideal
Learning Value:  Observation
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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In stock, immediate despatch