Cortex Kids Challenge Brain Game v2
Cortex Kids Challenge Brain Game v2

Cortex Kids Challenge Brain Game v2

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Challenge your children's brains to this fun game that tests their thinking, memory and speed skills! Compete with other players in 8 different types of challenges which will make you use all your brain power: touch tests, duplicates, logical series, mazes, colour puzzles, and more. This is version 2 of this popular game.

The game comes with 90 challenge cards, 6 brains for scoring and a rules booklet. This Kids version of Cortex is ideal for 6 to 10 year olds and is for 2 to 6 players (or play in teams). There is no playing board, you just work through the challenge cards to try to solve the puzzles in each category - sometimes on your own, for instance can you remember what items were shown on a card, after having only had a short time to study it? For other challenges you are pit against another player, for example to be the first to find your way through a maze, or the first to shout out which image appears more than any others on a card.

To progress in the game and win, you must successfully solve or win two of the same cateogry cards to exchange for a chunk of a brain; be the first to collect all 4 quarters of the brain to be the winner!

The game format is simple, it's the challenges that pose the difficulties!