Animals of the World Floor Puzzle, 60 Pieces

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This is an all time favourite puzzle of ours - full of bright and engaging illustrations of animals around a map of the world. Put the 60 large pieces together to build the map of the world, discovering which aniamls live where as you complete the scene.

An ideal way to introduce the map of the world to young children, this puzzle also shows the major oceans and an illustration of a compass, to help children start to learn awareness of north, south, east and west.

The completed puzzle measures 70cm by 50cm, and the large pieces are ideal for small hands. Puzzles are a good way to develop object identification and problem solving skills, and this one is filled with fascinating things to talk about. What kind of animals live here? Where is the UK? Who lives here? And so on. You can also get them to name all the different types of animals, talk about whether they live on land or in the sea, in cold or warm climates.

Ideal for ages 4 years and upwards. Ravensburger puzzles are super high quality and printed on sturdy board pieces which fit together neatly and provide many hours of puzzing fun.