IQ Puzzler Pro Puzzle
IQ Puzzler Pro Puzzle

IQ Puzzler Pro Puzzle

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Manufacturer's Recommended Age

A brain-stretching single player puzzle game with 120 challenges in a compact, pocket-sized game board! The top and back of the game board has a grid for 2D challenges, plus a grid for 3D pyramid challenges.

The challenges start at beginner level and gradually get harder and harder, so you can ease into the 'expert' level challenges!

Choose a challenge in the booklet, lay the colourful pieces on the board the way it shows, then complete the puzzle by placing the remaining pieces in the gaps so that they fit exactly.

The compact, portable travel case has the pieces and the challenge booklet neatly inside, so this is a great game to take on your travels. Case measures 9.8cm by 14.4cm and 2.9cm deep.

manufacturer age is 6 years to adult - we recommend this puzzle for ages 8 years and upwards unless you have a very puzzly, sit-down-and-concentrate 6-7 year old!