IQ Gears Puzzle Game
IQ Gears Puzzle Game
IQ Gears Puzzle Game

IQ Gears Puzzle Game

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This single player game will put your brain in high gear! Can you fit all the gears on the game board? Follow each of the 120 challenges one by one, fitting the gear pieces into the tray as directed in the booklet. Your challenge is to place the pieces that aren't included in the prompts, and get them to fit so that all the gears work together and turn. When you have the correct solution, the pieces will connect and the big wheels on the sides of the gameboard will spin together!

There are 120 challenges in the accompanying booklet which gradually increase in difficulty, from easy to expert. Recommended for ages 7 years to adult...yes it gets pretty challenging grown ups!

The compact playing board measures approximately 15cm by 15cm and 3cm deep - ideal for travel. The challenge booklet fits inside and includes instructions and solutions.

Jollys says "we highly recommend IQ games for youngsters, teens and adults who enjoy problem solving and logical thinking. They encourage concentration and critical thinking too."