World Puppetry Day 2013 - 10% OFF ALL PUPPETS!

In celebration of Puppets and Puppetry (not to be confused with Muppetry), World Puppetry Day, comes every March 21st. Jollys is celebrating the day by offering 10% off any puppet from our range on this day only!

This is a perfect opportunity to check out our range of fun and awesomely well-made puppets, and to fill your present drawer for any upcoming birthdays and celebrations. Easter is around the corner so perhaps a Yellow Duckling Finger Puppet or a Ginger Sockette might be a welcome and longer-lasting alternative to a chocolate egg this year?

The idea for World Puppetry Day came from a man called Dzhivada Zolfagariho who runs a puppet theatre company in Iran. In 2003, the first such day was celebrated as a result of Zolfagariho's work with the Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA).

SHOP FOR PUPPETS on Thursday 21st March for 10% off any puppet in the Jollys range!