Where does it all come from?

Did you know that Jollys works with over 60 different suppliers from all other the world - from Norfolk to Nepal, Germany to the USA?!

Mrs Jollys has worked in the toy industry for over 15 years and in that time has built up a wide range of contacts. Not only that but the whole team spends many an hour online searching for new and fabulous products to bring in, and we visit the top trade shows each season to hunt out goodies from far and wide.

It takes quite a bit of balancing to get a good range of products in from these many suppliers and we're always getting new deliveries and bringing new items in. We have a lot of very regular customers so we want to offer you something different whenever you visit. It keeps us on our toes for sure!

Some customers wonder why we don't stock more of the big brands and character toys, like you'd find in the supermarkets and high street chains....well we want to be different and we need to be different to be successful. Big brands are heavily discounted in many stores and it can be very hard to compete on price - the big stores may sell thousands of each product where Jollys night only sell a dozen or so, so the maths doesn't work if we want to stay healthy as a business.

Big manufacturers only really want to sell in large quantities too, so our little toy shop couldn't cram it all in! Character toys like these have their place and we appreciate that, (we buy them for our own children!), but there's also a place for the kinds of toys and gifts which Jollys sells. We mix them up with some of the big brand must-haves, and find that our customers love that about Jollys.

If you know a product or brand which you think would work well for Jollys, we'd love to hear about it! Some of our favourites have been discovered this way - by customers who recommend them. Pop in and tell us or email us - charlotte@jollystoys.co.uk.

Thanks for reading!