Welcome to 2016 and all that it brings!

Welcome to 2016! One of our new year's resolutions here at Jollys is to shake the dust off our blog and share our news, views and stories with you. We have a lot of fun here so why not share some inside info?!

Christmas was our busiest yet and January is following suit - #delighted!  Thank you for helping to make that happen, we appreciate every sale and every customer! We never rest on our laurels though and are hard at work planning to bring in new product ranges. January and February are trade show months for us when we get out and about meeting suppliers and digging about for new and exciting ideas.

Definitely on the cards for Jollys in 2016 is a wider range of wooden toys, gifts for newborns and teenage gifts. We introduced a range of gadgets in the autumn which were especially aimed at our older children and teenagers and were a huge hit. We'll be growing that range this year too! As with every new season, we strive to freshen up our ranges across the age groups and will continue to do that.

We're always interested to hear from customers if you have a brand or product to recommend. We are often asked for Lego - yes we love it too! We have been trying to obtain an account with Lego since we opened in 2013, but it's not easy! Perhaps we're too small fry for them, perhaps Lego's published reason being that it is not currently taking on new stockists is truly the reason, but we promise we'll keep trying!