Things to do with children in the Easter holidays

It's coming. Two or three weeks of no school, glorious weather, idyllic family time and sibling bonding time.

Ok so the only thing in there that is definitely true is the no school bit. It looks like the weather will be blisteringly cold and we all know that can lead to cabin fever and bonding of the kind where bottoms are bonded to the naughty step more than siblings bonding in the emotional sense of the word.

Well read on, because Jollys has some tips for you to make the best of the cold weather and to keep everyone happy (most) of the time.

1.) Arrange some group playdates and share the child care load

    - if, like me, you value some time to get stuff done around the house, sneek out for a hair cut or just a private moment in the bathroom every once in a while, why not get together with some friends and take it in turns to have playdate parties? You host a bunch of your children's friends one day, then another day the other parent/s takes yours. Whenever I do this I like to have an activity ready on hand for the kids to do as soon as they arrive. Normally a sit-down game or activity where we can all join in together. Jollys suggests -

Our Foil Art Kit is great for mixed ages and abilities, boys and girls. Mess-free.

The Puzzle-Time Tablecloth is ideal to get them all sitting together quietly-ish. Keep them coming back to it when they get crazy, to calm them down (extra temptation of snacks works well)

Science Experiments are great for older children - about 7 years and above - why not set up a kitchen science lab and do some fun experiments together? Learning and fun all rolled together.

2.) Story telling instead of watching telly

    - perfect for primary school children who are learning to write stories and are bursting with ideas. At the beginning of the holidays set your kids the challenge of writing a story for the rest of the family to listen to before they head back to school. Or they could make a journal of their holidays and collect information nd draw pictures of what they have been up to. Share with the teachers on return to school and get in their good books.

Jollys recommends its eeBoo Write Me A Story books which are ideal for this exercise because of the handy handwriting lines and collection of story stickers which spark their imaginations and kick-start storylines.

3.) Hold an Indoor Treasure Hunt

    - make it as challenging as it needs to be to keep them busy for as long as possible! For readers write clues which lead them to the next clue, and perhaps add in a puzzle or a mini challenge which they have to do before they can move on. For young, pre-readers, draw a picture (dot-to-dot if you can!) of where the next clue is, or take a photograph of something which they have to go and find.

Jollys recommends EggNogg Pocket Indoor Treasure Hunt cards to get you started. Why not leave Finger Puppets as treasure and ask them to perform a theatre show for you at the end?  

4.) Kids cinema

    - if you can brave the snowy weather, make the most of your local cinema. Many hold kids clubs in the mornings, running a different film everyday and charging next to nothing to get in. Ideal nap-time for parents.

5.) Games tournament

    - hold a tournament by getting all of your board games out and playing them in turn. Every time someone wins they get a point and at the end of the tournament, the player with most points wins a prize. The prize could be licking the spoon of the melted chocolate....after all that brain work they deserve a chocolate krispy cake don't they? Get the children to lend a hand and decorate them. Check out Jollys range of games.

Have a fun Easter!

Mrs Jollys