Praise for Puppets !

Jollys has a great range of puppets which we are very proud of and our customers love them. They're the kind of quality products that sell themselves, especially when we showcase them at our Pop Up Shops.

The beauty of puppets is that they're like soft toys but with a purpose and a much longer life. As a parent have you ever wondered what in heavens you're going to do with the many dozens of soft toys that your children get given or acquire along their way through their first years? How many soft toys can a child squeeze into the bed with them, how many can they take to the supermarket with them, on holiday or to nursery each day? If you're like the Jollys family then you'll have a heap of soft toys stashed in corners of your child's bedroom - on the bed, under the bed, on shelves (getting dusty), crowding dolly's cot, in the chest of drawers with out of season wardrobe or in the attic. And what to do with them when they have been loved (or not, but they are now dusty and musty)? There are only so many homes willing to take in yet more soft toys, and second-hand ones at that!

Puppets are the answer! Give a child a puppet and they can love it, play with it, sleep with it, make up stories and plays with it, amuse you with it and stretch everybody's imaginations. Puppets grow with children and their life span is so much longer than a teddy or a soft TV character toy. Puppets still delight children throughout primary school years and we regualrly sell some of our Sockettes and Wigglers in particular to young tweenagers.

Jollys has found The Puppet Company to supply its puppets and we think they are by far the best quality, most fun and unique. They are all designed in Hertfordshire by The Puppet Company's own design team and made to the best quality, meeting all the toy standards you expect. Many are suitable for children from 12 months old, so make perfect first birthday or Christmas gifts for little ones.  

Check out our puppet range which is growing all the time...