Music on our minds

We're all excited here at Jollys as we just revamped our music collection on the shop's the little things :-) We were all getting a bit fed up of the same collection we'd been playing for some months, and it to that stage where you find yourself pressing the 'next track' button rather too often!

Mrs Jollys found 'Now That's What I Call Feel Good Music' on Amazon....a stack of over 60 tracks which are jolly and cheerful, known by young and old and without a dodgy track in the whole lot.

We still have our wonderful Disney could we not?! Saturdays and school holidays is when those tracks typically come out for a listen, but Mrs Jollys has been known to play them even in the car on the way home (crazy big Disney fan!).

There's nothing like some music to brighten up the atmosphere in the shop and get the customers tapping their toes as they wait for the credit card machine to chug through the transactions.

Interesting fact: Did you know that shops and businesses have to pay for a license to play music to employees and customers? Yup! It depends on the amount of employees and the size of premises, but we pay about £300 a year for Jollys for the right to play music....the license money goes to the music producers, songwriters and performers. We think it's worth it though, however much we'd rather spend the money on stock!