Jollys online!

Did you know that Jollys Toys started as an online toy shop? We launched in October 2012 - 8 months before we opened the real-life shop in Thrapston. It was a great way to get started with suppliers, understand what the market wanted and to build up some capital. I (Charlotte) did many pop-up shops in the area at schools, events and fairs which helped to gather new, local customers and assess an appetite for a shop.

An did you know that the Jollys website was built by me? I have a degree in design and business studies, so I put my graphic design skills to work. I trialed several different website building software packages and decided on 'Bluepark' as the one which would deliver the standard I was looking for. I've taught myself how to use it which took a lot of work in the beginning - and I'm still learning!

The website has just had a bit of an overhaul with some newly designed buttons, a new spotty background and some updated formatting....all little touches to make the user experience as good as we can make it. Check it out!

We update the site daily and all the team are involved in checking stock quantities and adding new items when they come into stock. Most of what we sell in the shop is online, although there are always a few things which we keep off, especially if they sell too fast to keep up to date with!

The website can take orders from anywhere in the world - and frequently does! But it is also a great tool to use for present ideas and to check out what we have before you visit us. Keep an eye on the home page for 'New Items This Week', sales and of course, the blog!