French Knitting Doll
French Knitting Doll

French Knitting Doll

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A wooden french knitting doll with coloured wool and wooden needle, as well as instructions for 'spooling'. This traditional method of knitting is good for beginners as it introduces youngsters to working with yarn, and helps them to develop dexterity and concentration.

Choose a length of wool. Wind aroud the metal pegs around the top of the doll, then and pull with nimble fingers until a cord begins to appear. Continue as long as the wool allows, then remove the cord using the wooden needle.

You will create a long, circular length of knitted wool cord. Coil it to make coasters, make mini scarves for your dolls or knot it and make a decorative keyring fob.

Recommended for ages 6 years and upwards.

The set comes with a wooden French knitting doll, 4 balls of coloured wool, a wooden needle and instructions. The doll measures 11.5cm tall.