Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs
Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs

Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs

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Manufacturer's Recommended Age
6 months +
This super baby toy has long been a popular choice for our customers! Open up the bright yellow egg box and discover 6 eggs each with a different facial expression. Lift off their tops and reveal brightly coloured eggs inside, each a different colour to match their face on the shell.Three of the eggs will rattle when shaken, and the other three will squeak and cheep when pressed! Baby can learn to do this themselves and delight in the sweet little noises they make.Sort the eggs into their unique slot in the egg carton - featuring round, square, heart-shaped, star-shaped, triangular pegs, square holes, triangles, starsDevelops logical thinking, improves attention and stimulates memory

A super popular baby toy for ahes 6 months and upwards. Crack open each of the six eggs to reveal the brightly coloured press and cheep chicks! Great fun for babies as they enjoy the noice that they make.
It is also a shape sorting game - match the different shaped egg bases to the right shaped hole in the box. Also explore different emotions, as each egg has a different facial expression on it, and each one of a different colour so that baby can learn to colour match.

Designed to help promote muscle development, improve attention and facilitate emotional development, as well as colour and shape recognition and emotional development.

Comes in a tough plastic egg box which looks like a real one and keeps the eggs safe and together.

For ages 6 months to 2-3 year olds, depending on your toddlers interest.

Jollys says "A huge hit with babies and parents. This toy has many of our customer reminiscing about this being one of their children's favourite toys."