Wooden Solitaire Set

Wooden Solitaire Set
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Wooden Solitaire SetWooden Solitaire SetWooden Solitaire Set

Solitaire is a classic wooden board game for one. The set features shiny blue marbles on a smart, circular wooden board. The grooved perimeter of the board is designed to hold discarded marbles as the game is played.

Solitaire is an ideal way to develop a strategic mind from an early age as it nurtures coordination and cognitive skills.

Marble Solitaire product features:
With a history spanning hundreds of years, Solitaire is a classic wooden board game found in many familiesí game cupboards. Our Wooden Solitaire set features shiny blue marbles on a smart, circular wooden board.

A traditional game of strategy for one player, this Marble Solitaire game includes a grooved perimeter to store marbles when they're not in play, making for easy and safe storage.

Marble Solitaire is a strategic game and is played as follows: to start, fill each hole on the board with a marble except the centre. To move, jump vertically or horizontally (not diagonally), one marble over one other, into a vacant hole beyond. The marble which has been jumped over is discarded into the perimeter and is out of the game. The aim is to discard all marbles except for one, which must finish in the central hole on the board.

The set comes with 32 play pieces, a smooth, high-quality wood board measuring 23cm in diameter and 2.5cm deep. It comes in a slim box which is ideal for storage.

Sage for ages 3 years and upwards. We recommend this game for ages 6 years up to adult.

Price:  £12.50

Brand:  Tactic
Learning Value:  Strategic Thinking
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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