Top Trumps Horrible Histories

Top Trumps Horrible Histories
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 Top Trumps Horrible HistoriesTop Trumps Horrible Histories 

This Top Trumps card game featues the most dastardly, despicable, deadly and dreadful figures that history has to offer! Does Vlad The Impaler get the point? Can Blackbeard cut it? Or will Henry VIII give you the chop? Find out who's the most horrible of them all!

Top Trumps is a brilliant card game for ages 6 years and upwards. Each player tries to beat its opponent by 'trumping' them with better statisitcs on their card.

Horrible Histories Top Trumps is filled with humour and ridicule, bringing history into the realm of being remotely interesting for modern day children!

Price:  £6.00

Brand:  Top Trumps
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


1 in stock, immediate despatch  

1 in stock, immediate despatch