Peach Snaps Card Game

Peach Snaps Card Game
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 Peach Snaps Card GamePeach Snaps Card Game 

Peach Snaps is fast paced card game which comes in a funky peach-shaped case! Set up the game by dealing out the entire pack of cards equally between the number of players. Leave one card in the middle as the starting pile.

Each player must then draw the top 3 cards from their hand of cards without showing other players. All players play at the same time - there's no order! Snap down any card from your hand onto the centre piles each time there's a match by colour, symbol or number.

Only when you have used all three cards in your hand are you able to draw a new hand of three cards from your pile.

As everyone plays at once, it's an energetic race to get rid of your cards first. There are special cards to creat new piles, to make other players miss a go and so on.

Great fun and we love it! The square-shaped cards are a nice twist on typical card games too. For two or more players aged 6 years and upwards.

Price:  £12.00

Brand:  Ridley's Games
Learning Value:  Observation
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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In stock, immediate despatch