Mobi Maths Game

Mobi Maths Game
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 Mobi Maths GameMobi Maths Game 

Mobi is a fabulous maths game for all the family - a mixture of Scrabble and Banagrams but with numbers instead of letters!

This is the original version of the game, aimed at ages 6 years and over. The sweet zip up whale bag is packed with blue tiles numbered from 1 to 12, and white operation tiles (plus, minus, multiply and equals symbols), plus an activity booklet with game instructions.

Players split the tiles between them, and each use their tiles to create 'crosswords' of maths equations - as complex or as simple as they wish. The first to use all of their tiles is the winner of the game.

The novel, zip-up whale pouch makes it a nice compact game to store and take on a journey.

It's a fun game for all ages and a brilliant way of improving maths skills. You could use them as activity tiles to practice maths, model different sums and so much more! The activity book included gives you plenty of ideas to inspire you.

For ages 6 years and upwards, 1 to 6 players. Pouch measures 13cm by 11cm.

There is a junior version of the game for beginner players available too.

Price:  £15.00
RRP:  £20.00

Brand:  The Happy Puzzle Company
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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