Don't Hold It! Card Game

Don't Hold It! Card Game
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 Don't Hold It! Card GameDon't Hold It! Card Game 

A funny card game for the whole family to enjoy - players need to make sure the ‘poop’ card isn’t the last card in their hand at the end of the round! So it's like a toilet-themed take on the classic card game, Old Maid.

Split the cards between the players. Each player sorts through their cards and places matching pairs down on the playing table, upright for all to see. Any cards remaining which they can't make into a pair, keep hidden and fan out, face down.

Take it in turns to pass cards to each other - take one card from the player on your left. Take a look and see if it makes a pair with anything you already have. Keep going round, and keep adding to the pairs on the table. You'll find lots of toilet-themed cards like toilet rolls and toilet bowls, and other giggle-making images.

When it's no longer possible to make any pairs, the game stops and you all turn over your had of cards. Who has the 'Poop' card?! Sorry, but you have lost the game.

A fun game for 3 to 5 players aged 6 years and upwards. The poop theme will definitely appeal to lots of children - giggle warning! Compact pack of cards makes it an ideal travel game.

Price:  £8.00

Brand:  Ridley's Games
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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In stock, immediate despatch