Will You Survive? Adventure Book

Will You Survive? Adventure Book
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Will You Survive? Adventure BookWill You Survive? Adventure BookWill You Survive? Adventure Book

This choose your own adventure book is a great way to experience reading as it comes to life and you make decisions along the way! You'll also learn plenty of real-life facts along the way as the pages are filled with knowledge and information about each place, animals, the climate and much more.

The adventure unfolds...as you dash to catch your flight home from a tropical trip, your dream vacation in Borneo quickly turns into a nightmare. Your plane crashes in the Himalayas! You’re charged by a rhino in India and a rip current in Australia sucks you out to sea! What do you do?

In each situation, you’ll have a choice to make and the actions you choose will determine whether you make it home or not. For each choice, you are directed to a different page to find out if you survived—or not—and why.

Adventures include venomous snake bite, avalanche, car submersion, hotel fire, quicksand, lightning strike, lionfish sting, shark attack, elevator plunge, yellow jacket attack, and more! Each adventure leads to the next disaster, keeping you riveted page after page!

Ideal for ages 6 to 10 year olds, this book is a great choice for fact lovers who find reading a challenge. Pages are full of images and various different text formats to break them up and keep readers interested.

Paperback book measures 16.5cm by 20cm.

Price:  £6.99

Brand:  Inside3
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  8+


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