Frightful First Experiments Science Kit

Frightful First Experiments Science Kit
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 Frightful First Experiments Science KitFrightful First Experiments Science Kit 

Inside this science kit you'll find 18 frightfully foul first-time experiments for budding scientists! Horrible Scientists Professor N Large, Miss Perkins and Barn Frankenstein are letting you peek inside their lab notebooks and share their science secrets with you!

Expecially for youg scientists aged 6 years and upwards, this kit is fun and involving, enabling you to stack liquids, make your breakfast fly and perform eye-popping illusions along with many others.

In the kit: test tubes and a rack, safety goggles, a ball mould, crystals, a magnifying glass, spinner, slime pot, squishy eyeballs, food colourings, a petri-dish, funnel, pipette, pH scale, 2 rubber bands, a paper clip and a 40-page lab book filled with instructions.

You will also need some basic items from home to complete the activities: water, a beaker, paper, vegetable oil, sugar, an egg, scissors, washing-up liquid, felt-tip pens, a bowl, a woolly jumper, tape measure, pencil, carrots, celery stalk with leaves, sharp nice, lemonade and lemon juice, milk, vinegar and puffed rice cereal. Adult supervision recommended!

Price:  £18.00

Brand:  Galt
Learning Value:  Observation
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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1 in stock, immediate despatch