Push Popper

Push Popper
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Push PopperPush PopperPush PopperPush Popper

A brand new trend for those who love fidgety toys and gadgets, The Push Popper is like reusable bubble wrap and makes satisfying popping noises when the small bubbles are pressed in and out.

Press it on one side and then press from the other side, and go over and over again! Unlike bubble wrap it's really durable and can be used many times. Super satisfying and addictive! It's become a new craze on YouTube and Tik Tok.

Made of silicone, there are several different Push Popper shapes and colour schemes - tie dye or rainbow. One Push Popper will be sent.

Buy one Popper for 4 or select two on the meny below and save, as you pay only 7.

Push Popper is safe from age 3 years and upwards and measures xcm wide.

Price:  £4.00

Brand:  Tobar
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  3+