Duncan Brain Games Set

Duncan Brain Games Set
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Duncan Brain Games SetDuncan Brain Games SetDuncan Brain Games Set

Three brilliant fudget games in one set from toy expert Duncan! The set includes a 3X3 Quick Cube, a Serpent Snake Puzzle and a Color Shift Puzzle Ball.

Challenge your brain and solve the puzzles in different ways. The 3X3 Puzzle Cube is like the classic colour cube where you need to get each sode of the cube into all the same colours. See if you can solve it, and then get faster each time!

The Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball has 11 balls in different colors to be matched with their corresponding coloured rings on the outer shell. A hands-on game that can improve basic problem-solving skills and great for fidgeting with.

The Serpent Puzzle is a twistable challenge of unlimited puzzle shapes. Start twisting, and let your imagination transform your thoughts into shapes! Turn a snake into a dog, a ball into a duck, or a heart into a space ship. A great fidget toy.

A fun gift set for ages 6 years and upwards.

Price:  £16.00

Brand:  Duncan
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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