Upside Down Challenge Game

Upside Down Challenge Game
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 Upside Down Challenge GameUpside Down Challenge Game 

What happens when your world turns upside down? Find out what happens when you put on the topsy turvy goggles that come with the game, and experience how easy tasks suddenly turn into a real challenge! Your task might be to draw something upside down, stack something, pour liquid...allsorts of simple tasks that are a real challenge when you are doing it upside down!

In this fun, family game of challenges, players take turns to pick a task card and try to complete the activity in the set time, all whist wearing goggles that turns everything upside down.

Game includes over a 100 challenges, which combined with wearing the goggles make for a really simple, fun and funny game for 2-6 players, aged 7 years and up.

Each game takes roughly 20 minutes to play and will have you laughing out loud from the start! Great fun.

Game comes with one pair of 'upside-down-glasses' (prism inversion goggles), 32 drawing and action cards, an explanation card (symbols), an hourglass timer and 36 tokens, an explanation booklet (action cards) and rules.

Price:  £25.00

Brand:  Ravensburger
Learning Value:  Team Work
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  7+


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