The Sock Game

The Sock Game
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The Sock GameThe Sock GameThe Sock GameThe Sock Game

The ultimate race in a sock! This is a super fun, hilarious family for 2 or more players aged 8 years and up. Thirty unusual objects are hidden inside a giant sock...using only your sense of touch, can you find the right one in time?

​The rules are very simple - spin the spinner on the board to find out what item you’re looking for, then dive into the sock to find the item. Each team or player plays alongside the other and races to be the first team to find 11 correct items!

​A hilarious dexterity game that's perfect for family get-togethers and parties for kids and adults. The game comes with a pair of long, stripey socks, a spinner board, 2 sets of 30 game items, 2 scoring counters, and instructions.

You can even customise the game. The board has 4 blank spaces on it in which you can write in the name of objects in your house, then throw them into each sock!

Price:  £20.00

Learning Value:  Team Work
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  8+


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In stock, immediate despatch