The Hat Game

The Hat Game
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 The Hat GameThe Hat Game 

The Hat Game is a brilliant, classic parlour game where two teams battle it out to guess the most items written on slips of paper pulled from a hat. The game is very simple – you have a hat full of slips of paper and each player has to communicate what’s written on the paper to your team. Teams take it in turns to communicate as many things from the slips of paper to their team within one minute as they can, before passing the hat to the other team.

The brilliant part of the game is that you have three rounds of increasing difficulty using the same slips of paper including the same things to describle. Despite being the most difficult, the third round is usually the most frantic because by then you have learned most of the things you’re trying to guess!

A great game for 4 or more players, aged 8 years and upwards - this is ideal for family and friend get-togethers.

Includes The Hat Game Bag, two pads of paper slips, four ballpoint pens, sand timer and full instructions. All fots into one tiny box which measures 13.5 by 8 by 2.3cm.

Price:  £12.00

Brand:  Spinning Poodle
Learning Value:  Social and Emotional
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  8+


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In stock, immediate despatch