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This is a great family game for two to four players. Each player has 10 dice which they roll all at the same time. Everyone looks at their dice and chooses a number to play with. Shout 'go'! and everyone rolls their dice to try to get them all land on the number that you've chosen. The first to make it shouts 'Tenzi'!

The brightly coloured dice come in a handy pack with instructions for 10 variations of play. How about Splitzi (get 5 dice with one number and 5 dice with another) or Towerzi (build a tower as you roll the numbers).

It's a fast paced game of luck, speed and concentration and is great fun for all ages to enjoy. All you need is a playing surface and eager players!

Great for rapid hand-eye co-ordination and pattern matching
No. of Players: 2 4

Pack contains:
40 dice in 4 different colours. Dice colours vary one supplied
Game sheet with starter suggestions for Tenzi variations

Price:  £15.00

Learning Value:  Numeracy
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  4+


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In stock, immediate despatch