'Pop-A-Tops' Match A Martian Game

'Pop-A-Tops' Match A Martian Game
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'Pop-A-Tops' Match A Martian Game'Pop-A-Tops' Match A Martian Game'Pop-A-Tops' Match A Martian Game

Pop the top of the spaceship to 'roll' the dice! Race to find, match and grab the alien card first to win the round. Players take turns to 'pop the top' to roll the dice and then grab the matching card. The player with the most alien cards wins. If an alien card is already taken, you can steal it from another player, so watch for sneaky gameplay and be quick! The winner is the player who collects the most alien cards throughout the game. This is a quick-play game for two or more players which is easy to learn and creates a good sense of competition and keeps players on their toes! For ages 6 years and upwards, the handy and compact pack is great for taking on a journey.

Price:  £9.00

Brand:  Playmonster
Theme:  Space
Learning Value:  Observation
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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In stock, immediate despatch