Nope! Card Game

Nope! Card Game
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 Nope! Card GameNope! Card Game 

Nope is a fast-paced colour-matching card game which is quick to learn and simple to play. It includes 104 vibrant and visual game cards and easy to understand instructions.

Nope is super simple, but you can make it super strategic too! Each player starts with 7 cards and the remainder provide a draw pile in the centre. To play a hand, players discard the number of cards detailed on the turned over card on the top of the draw pile, providing they have the right number in the same colours to do so. So if the draw pile has a number 2 with blue and pink colours on it, the player must put down 2 cards in either blue or pink. Keep playing on your turn until you can't put down any more, then play moves to the next person.

Play until someone has been forced to use all of their cards - the aim is to keep cards, not throw them away. Special action cards can be used to avoid taking your turn and get other people to discard their cards sooner than they want to.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll be working out what you need to do to get your fellow players putting cards down, and keeping hold of your own!

For 2 of more players, play time takes around 15 minutes. Compact game is ideal for travel.

Price:  £10.00

Brand:  Ridley's Games
Learning Value:  Observation
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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