Kids Scavenger Hunt

Kids Scavenger Hunt
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Kids Scavenger HuntKids Scavenger HuntKids Scavenger Hunt

This is a great game for all ages, for two players or many more! Play Scavenger Hunt both indoors and no need to wait for the sunshine! The game comes with a a selection of cards featuring items for players to find around the outdoors or indoors - items like a red flower, a spoon, a hat, a blackbird...all easily recognisable.

Spin the spinner and the board tells each team or player how many item cards they need to collect and hunt for.

Get, set, go! Race to be the first to find all items on your cards. Some cards have a camera icon on them, ideal for items like birds and trees that you can't easily pick up and collect! Just snap a photo with your phone as proof you found it, or leave these cards out of play if you'd rather not use tech.

Grown-ups are positively encouraged to join in, and this game brings the generations together as you work as teams or competitive individuals.

Great for ages 6 years and upwards, but younger children could easily get invovled with a little help.

Price:  £16.00

Brand:  Cheatwell Games
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  6+


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In stock, immediate despatch