Funky Chicken Card Game

Funky Chicken Card Game
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Funky Chicken from is a great fun, active card game for ages 6 years and upwards, and for 3 to 6 players. More than just a card game - it's a dancing, performing game that just happens to have cards!

Each player chooses a card colour, and gets the 12 cards of that colour. The cards contain four different dance moves: Spin, Bump, Swing or Funky Chicken. To play, players yell out the move on the first card in hopes that another player yells out the same move. When two cards match, both players perform the dance move!

Players will be hip-bumping, swinging with another player and....doing the Funky Chicken! Once the action is complete, players quickly discard their card into the centre and move to the next card. The winner is the first one to get through all of their cards, then they shout 'Winner, winner, chicken dinner!'.

The game comes packaged in a durable, chicken-themed zipped pouch, making it a great option for travel.

This is a fun, silly game that gets kids moving! Game play is very easy to pick up, and doesn't take long to play. It's great for a group of friends or family to play together.

Game pouch contains 72 cards and rules.

Price:  £15.00

Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  5+


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In stock, immediate despatch