Flippity Frog Game

Flippity Frog Game
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Flippity Frog GameFlippity Frog GameFlippity Frog Game

A fun memory game with lots of action and every game is different! Ideal for youngsters as a first game, from age 3 years and upwards.

The first player to return 4 froglets safely home is the winner. How do you play? Mummy frog must successfully carry her froglets on her back across the pond, leaping across 4 lilypads to reach the other side. As she lands on a lilypad, it is turned over to reveal the next step mummy frog can take.

Watch out, if you come across Big Bad Fish itís the end of your go. Or you could be lucky and find a Super Jump to get home!

The game comes with a illustrated game board and lilypad cards, baby frog tokens and a sweet, tactile mummy frog character that fits baby frog cards on her back. Also comes with simple to follow rules of play.

This is a lovely game for ages 3 years and upwards for 2 to 4 players. Play time takes around 10 minutes and is simple to learn.

Price:  £16.00

Brand:  Playmonster
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  3+


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