Don't Get Got! Game

Don't Get Got! Game
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Don't Get Got! GameDon't Get Got! GameDon't Get Got! Game

In this party game for 2 to 8 players, each player starts with six missions to complete.
Each mission requires you to get creative and trick one of the other players without them getting too suspicious. Challenges include things like 'try to get another player to say 'I'm ugly'; 'get another player to tie a knot in a balloon'; 'make something and get another player to wear it on their head', and many other fun and testing challenges!
The game doesnít end until someone completes three missions...which could happen at any time, so donít let your guard down!

A great fun game for family and friend get-togethers, it's full of sneaky acts, and cheekiness! Play it during an evening, over a weekend or all week! We can see families with odler children, groups of house sharers and girls/guys on weekends away having great fun with this!For ages 14 years and upwards, 2 to 8 players. There is no rude or inappropriate content in the game, so it is safe if younger players join in or are present when the game is played.

The game comes in a sturdy box measuring 14cm cubed.
Price:  £20.00

Brand:  Big Potato Games
Learning Value:  Strategic Thinking
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  14+


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