Dude Dice High Score Level 2

Dude Dice High Score Level 2
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Make mental arithmetic fun with the Dude Dice game! This is High Score Level 2 ideal as an educational maths game for 5-7 year olds. The aim of the game is to win all three Dudes. The set comes with two numbered dice (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10) and one die labelled with add, subtract, multiply and 'Aaahhh!'. Youngsters must roll the dice and do the sums, whether that be adding, subtracting or multiplying - the highest score wins a Dude. However, if you throw an 'Aaahhh!' you are out!

Once all 3 Dudes are held by players the round winner gets to steal a Dude from the lowest scorer in the round. This continues until one player has claimed all three Dudes - they are the winner!

Dude Dice Level 2 supports the National Numeracy Strategy for Key Stage 1 (primary year groups 1 to 2), and is a fun and simple way to practice mental maths. Includes a compact and portable drawstring bag making this game a great travel companion.

Great for learning in the classroom, at home or on the move - it's infectious! Consists of 6 play pieces.

Price:  £9.00

Brand:  ZooBooKoo
Learning Value:  Numeracy
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  5+


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In stock, immediate despatch